Mega Momma Issue 4

So, with this book I decided to try my hand at digital art.  I worked very hard on this one mostly because I really didnt know what I was doing.  Well here it is.  Ill add more pages very soon.


Mega Momma S03E7-10


These pages are sorta interesting.  The little girl was supposed to be my daughter.  Only, it doesnt look anything like my daughter.  Especially since she looks completely different in the two pages.  Also I didnt have a color pencil that matched her unique skin color so I ended up using a crayon that looked pretty horrible.  I think I get a little better at drawing her later in the book.

Pages 9 and 10 are one of my favorite scenes.  This is where Pizzaface gets jealous of Burgerboy and decides to destroy poor ole’ Burgerboy.  Good thing Sailor Mega Momma was there to save the day!

7 8 9 10

Mega Momma Issue 3!!!

This one is my favorite issue so far!  I stole so much stuff from other movies and books its ridiculous.  From terminator to sailor moon!  OH YEAH!!!  Honestly I didnt think anyone would read these comics at all.  In fact I planned on stopping after I finished issue 4.  This whole this was a just supposed to be a birthday present for my wonderful wife.  But now, people are visited the blog and even shaking hands with the illusive Masked Dada!

Ok! OK! People!!  you dont have to beg and make those puppy dog faces!!  Im going to start Mega Momma issue 5!!

There, I said it! whoooo *wipes sweat off forehead*

Im going to go back to color pencils instead of photoshop coloring as you will see (if you stick around) in issue 4.  And Im actually give the artwork an honest effort instead of scribbling everywhere.  So until then, enjoy issue 3.

Oh and if you see that creep beetman, sock him in the face for me!!!


1 2

Mega Momma Pages 10-11, 12

So as it turns out.  I friggin hate RVs!!!  Mainly because the one I had got invaded by lady bugs!!  Oh and guess what. I friggin hate lady bugs!!!  I never thought I would say that.

Anyway, enjoy Mega Momma!!! Oh and this is the end of Issue 2.  Get ready for time travel and pizza in Issue 3!!!

10 11


Mega Momma post 6-7, 8-9

Oh my piss.  Its supposed to be Mega Momma Fridays….and its SATURDAY!!!  Im late. :(


Ive been stuck in an RV all day and night fixing and fixing and fixing.  Maybe I’ll post some pics of that.  My family is going to be like the Paskowitz family in that movie Surfwise.  Just without all the craziness and the sex in front of children O.O!!!!

Anyway, here it is….MEGA MOMMA!!!

6 7

8 9


Mega Momma pages 2-3 and 4-5

Loe and Behold!! (is that how you say it???)  It is the next installment of Mega Momma!!!  Please take note of how fat the bartender is that won’t give Masked Dada anymore Root Beer.  Also take note of the origins of Mega Momma’s newest nemesis BEET MAN!!

Holy crap, its Beetman!!

2 3

4 5

Mega Momma Issue 2

Welcome all to the second issue of Mega Momma. Forgive me if I confuse the spelling of Mama (Momma, Mamma, Maw Maw, ect.)  This issue will feature new powers, love and confusion, and an angry beet!  Enjoy!!

cover 1